Hold Me Tight®

Western North Carolina (WNC)



Thank you for your interest in attending a Hold Me Tight® workshop. A Hold Me Tight® workshop is an educational program designed to help couples gain insight and tools to foster greater closeness, love, and connection.


Hold Me Tight® workshops are based on the theory of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), designed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Studies show that EFT helps 70% of distressed couples repair their relationship. Hold Me Tight® workshops are based on a well-defined and tested understanding of adult love.

About the Facilitators - Gregg & Ana Blanton


Gregg started his private practice in Asheville in 1998. He is a NC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a NC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and a certified EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) therapist. Gregg has specialized in couple therapy, using the EFT approach, since 2016. He earned his doctorate in Counselor Education from Texas A & M University – Commerce. Gregg is the author of four books about relationships, counseling, contemplation, and character. Gregg has a teaching style that makes the material understandable and practical. His passion for creating loving relationships will surely rub off on you.   


Ana received her B.A. in Studio Arts from Mars Hill College. She was an art teacher for six years and an Art Conservator for 18 years. Now, she is a full-time artist. Gregg and Ana have two children. Ana will share stories of how she has applied the concepts of Hold Me Tight® in her own relationship with Gregg. Ana is a wonderful host and she will make you feel welcome and at home.

The Hold Me Tight ® workshop is ideal if you want: 


  • To improve your relationship and learn to communicate in new ways. 
  • A relationship filled with more understanding, warmth, closeness and connection. 
  • To feel more accepted by your partner. 
  • To understand each other better. 
  • To have more conversations and less conflict.
  • To feel like your partner is more engaged with you. 




Today's workshop far exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect balance of lecture, examples, videos, and opportunity to connect with my partner. The exercises allowed us to deepen our understanding and connection. Gregg created a safe space where we could share a little of our experience (or not) but mostly the work could be shared privately just with my partner.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Kate


Who is Welcome?


If you are in a long-term love relationship and you want to learn how to reduce conflict and distance in your relationship, our Hold Me Tight® workshop may be for you. If you desire a secure connection with your partner, one in which you discover the keys to a lasting love relationships, our Hold Me Tight® workshop may help you create the safe and secure bond you desire with your partner.


We welcome all couples who are working on their long-term love relationship. Regardless of your age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or marital status, you are welcome. We welcome diversity in our Hold Me Tight® workshops and believe that we can learn from couples from different backgrounds. 


Who Should Not Attend?


Hold Me Tight ® workshops are not appropriate for couples currently experiencing any of the following relationship betrayals:


  1. One or both partners is actively involved with an unapproved person (i.e., an affair).
  2. One or both partners is acting (or threatening to act) in a physically abusive manner.
  3. One or both partners is actively engaged in addictive behaviors (e.g., drug and/or alcohol abuse).


Couples having any of these experiences should not register for a Hold Me Tight ® workshop, and should instead seek appropriate related professional services. Couple who have had any of these experiences in the past, but are not actively experiencing them, are appropriate and welcome to register.

It's time to reconnect with your partner.


Is your relationship feeling disconnected? Use this conversation to help you re-establish the emotional connection and responsiveness that you long for in your relationship.


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